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What We Do

We offer a robust and intuitive workforce management software solution to the facilities management industry. Our flexibility ensures our clients are able to tailor the solution to their requirements, whilst we maintain a secure platform and a ​ mutually beneficial relationship with our customers!


Improve supervisor productivity with our manager dashboard and comprehensive reporting. Stay in touch with our in-app messaging and request system, allowing staff to request schedule changes directly, and more.



Complying with wage regulations and hour rules, such as overtime and meal breaks, is necessary to protect your business from financial penalties. But relying on managers alone for consistent enforcement and oversight is risky. 



Don’t leave the accuracy and reliability of your payroll to chance. TimeDNA's “punch-to-payr0ll” delivers fast, easy time tracking, scheduling and attendance management avoiding costly mistakes and cheating.


that Work

TimeDNA's solutions make it easier and faster to create schedules that work for everyone without the fuss. You can spot trends and correct gaps in coverage before they negatively impact your company's productivity, reputation and bottom line.


TimeDNA's Services

"Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Workforce management solutions from TimeDNA make it easy."

Payroll & Time and Attendance

Managing schedules, hours worked and time off is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Time & Attendance solutions from TimeDNA make it easy to not loose track or reputation.

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Invoicing, Quotes and Inventory

Improved communications with clients and streamlined processes that enforce your policies will set the right expectations and provide employees with the information they need to raise profits.

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Human Resource Management

TimeDNA is a full Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to raise profits by supporting HR by taking advantage of automation, greater collaboration, and data available from all other modules.

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Unique and complex? ​We love just that!

Your organisation isn’t like any other organisation out there, so don’t let your workforce management provider try to stick you in a box. TimeDNA’s flexible platform allows you to adapt to rapidly changing needs with ease so you can focus on what matters most: your business and your people.

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What’s included

Get 100+ features out of the box with ​our comprehensive solution. No additional modules or hidden costs. Use only what you need.

Time & Attendance

  • Track Employee Attendance
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Real-Time Timesheets
  • Managers can monitor remotely
  • Accruals and Time Banks
  • Alerts including Geo Fencing
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  • Simple 3 step payroll wizard
  • Export to QuickBooks, Sage etc.
  • Uses the Time Attendance data for accurate payroll
  • Calculates deductions automatically
  • Auto-calc benfits, holiday & sick leave
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  • Comprehensive Alerting
  • Alerting Hierarchy
  • SMS, Email, App Alerts
  • Health & Safety Alerts
  • Late, Missing, Early, Overtime, etc
  • Completely Customisable
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Geo Fencing

  • GEO Boundaries for clocking and alerting.
  • Easy to create. Just draw areas on a map to create boundaries.
  • Collect GPS data on punch.
  • Bind ​locations to customers accounts
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Time Clocks

  • Landline / mobile punching
  • Punching with mobile app
  • Compatible with SKTeco Bio Devices
  • QR code & NFC punching
  • Facial ​recognition
  • GPS Geo Fencing with mobile punching
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In App Messaging

  • Quickly contact any staff
  • Broadcast messages to all staff
  • Contact groups of staff
  • Staff can make request for Missed punch, punch or schedule adjustments, ​Absence/Holiday
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Complete HR Management

  • Staff Information Management
  • Conduct Performance Reviews
  • Track & manage employee skills, education, memberships, ​licences and languages
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Job Vacancies Web Portal

  • Post internal or external job vacancies
  • Manage & track & automate entire recruitment process including employment history, background checks, availability, references & skills
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Document Management

  • Electronically store & attach Documents.
  • Track changes & Revisions
  • Managers and authorized employees can view documents
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Job costing

  • Accurately ​Identify Costs of Employees, Jobs, Projects or Contracts
  • Track ​Employee Expenses
  • Expense Policies with seamless payroll integration
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Quotes & Invoicing

  • Easily create offers and track quotes
  • Timesheet To Invoice In Seconds
  • Track Clients / Account Balances
  • Electronic Invoices & accept payment online & automated reminders
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Inventory Management

  • Take orders with full stock control
  • Never forget to reorder supplies
  • Keep track of your supply chain
  • Centralised inventory control
  • Combat supplies theft and misuse
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 Time & Attenda​nce

  • Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. We offer different ways to track employee attendance that fits any company or budget.
  • Improve manager productivity with our manager dashboard and comprehensive reporting. Stay in touch with our in-app messaging and request system, allowing staff, e.g. to request schedule changes directly from the manager.
  • Managers can remotely monitor and get up to the second reports regarding employee time and attendance, from anywhere and at any time. Eliminate waiting until the end of the pay period to review attendance records while having the ability to work with ​employees across different time zones.
  • Setup an unlimited number of accruals to automatically track employee holidays, sick days or banked time. Employees can also see their own accrual balances, eliminating time-consuming requests to human resources to lookup that information.
  • Management has fine-grained control and tracking over where employees are able to punch in/out from, including down to the device and GEO fence level.
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  • Simple Step-By-Step Payroll since TimeDNA handles both Scheduling and Attendance. Payroll can be processed in just a few clicks.
  • No re-entering or exporting data to a separate payroll application. Payroll is prepared instantly with the click of a button. TimeDNA also gives you a choice by also supporting the most popular payroll providers including: QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Paychex and Ceridian.
  • Generate electronic pay stubs with full data for each staff member that can be securely viewed online or printed out as needed at any time.
  • TimeDNA can automatically calculate taxes as well as custom deductions such as benefits, insurance, garnishments and ​holiday / sick leave accruals.
  • TimeDNA is able to handle multinational companies with payroll in different currencies.
  • Each employee can access their own payroll records via their personal login to the system. This simplifies the payroll team's life because requests for documents, timesheets, tax records etc. become thing of the past as every employee can now self-serve. In some ​jurisdictions employers are obliged to give full access to all records they hold on the staff. ​Our system fully complies with this, if so configured.
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 Alerting and Exceptions

  • How good is real-time data when you don't get real-time alerts? Who wants to spend their day staring at a dashboard? Our alerting system is amazing at doing just one thing: Letting you know when an exception occurred. It does that through various configured channels: by SMS, by in-App notification, by email or by Telegram message. Some alerts allow you to be compliant with local regulations that manadate breaks and meals and such. These alerts are considert regulatory and are designated as "RA", Regulatory Alert.
  • We can alert on the standard "Missing", "Late", "Early" of an employee's arrival or departure. Beside that we also offer alerts on meals and breaks like "Too Long", "Too Short" (RA), "Too Many" or "Too few"(RA). The "Missed Check-In"(RA) is a Health & Safety type alert that protects lone workers. Besides this it is frequently used as a "Dead Man Switch" by patroling security guards. The "Not Scheduled" is a type of alert that alerts when staff are showing up when they are not supposed to be, like cleaning personnel during school holidays, that didn't get the message.
  • As our system make extensives use of geo location and fences it has corresponding exceptions that fire when violations occur. E.g. an employee is attempting to clock in while they are still at home or commuting because they don't want to be recorded as late. This is also great for insurance compliance for on-the-road nursing staff, clocking in and out when they visit patients, keeping a record that can be automatically invoiced against.
  • Some companies have flex time for workers, and for those our "Under/Over Scheduled Time" alerts are useful. Along with that we also provide "Over Weekly Time" to alert and protect against potential overtime pay rates.
  • Since TimeDNA provides full organisational integration, there are also possible alerts like "No Branch", "No Department", "No Job", "No Task" or "Completed Job" which prevents employees from remaining idle.
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 Geo Fencing & Location

  • Set up geo fences by literally drawing on a map. Even complicated geographical areas can be represented as shapes very easily. No need to mess around with coordinates. These geographical areas can now be bound to jobs, tasks, branches or departments and exceptions and reports can be produced.
  • Importantly, this works without violating the privacy of your staff, which can be a regulatory and ethical concern. The app only sends the employee's location when actually clocking in or out, going for a break or meal or reporting other particulars in an area (like supplies, conditions or volume). It does not spy on your staff by sending the location constantly or while the staff is off duty.
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 Time Clocks

  • We offer clocking via phone, by SMS with One-Time-Passcodes on site, the web or our ​Android/iOS apps to clock in/out. Clocking in or out, going for breaks or meals and reporting on items, e.g. volume of supplies, conditions, etc. are some ways of how our clocking methods interact with the system.
  • Some customers prefer dedicated hardware on entrances or doors. For that we support connectivity and interaction with a wide range of ZKTeco series of devices below.
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 In App Messaging

  • As every employee can be given their own personal access to the system, where they only access their own records, the system can be used as an internal and private company messaging system. The Inbox is conveniently integrated into the personal dashboard so one does not miss any messages.
  • Staff can contact their superior to alert them or request them of timesheet adjustments, or to alert them of missed punches. They can also request schedule changes and coordinate time-off as well as request expense ​authorisations (where ​authorised and applicable). All of these requests and messages become part of a permanent record that can be audited should the need arise. Superiors can approve, decline or pause requests with a click of a button.
  • Further messages can also be broadcast to all staff or groups of staff so that management has a way of contacting employees for ​announcements, directives or news. This becomes part of an auditable record as well.
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 Human Resource Management

  • The Human Resources Management System enables HR to manage Employees through the entire life cycle from posting the vacancy ​through initial interviews, background checks etc to hiring, regular performance reviews, qualification and training tracking through promotions, demotions and final off-boarding.
  • In TimeDNA all of an employees' qualifications, skills, training and education, memberships, ​licences and languages are tracked, No more expired employee ​licences or forgotten qualifications. Management and HR will always have an up-to-date overview of who are on board and what resources are available. No more over-qualified staff in under-utilised positions.
  • Meanwhile, statutory and regular performance reviews are scheduled, assigned, tracked and executed with bespoke Key Performance Indicators specific to you business and staff that enable management to see who the employees are that the company benefits from primarily; that should be valued and considered for promotion and who not.
  • Each employee can access their own HR records via their personal login to the system. This simplifies HR's life because requests for documents, timesheets, tax records etc. become thing of the past as every employee can now self-serve. In some ​jurisdictions employers are obliged to give full access to all records they hold on the staff. ​Our system fully complies with this, if so configured.
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 ​Job Vacancies We​b Portal

  • This portal was build to enable HR to easily post internal and external job openings. As desired this can be open on the internet or internally to existing staff only.
  • With the help of this portal the whole hiring process becomes automated and tracked throughout the organisation. Prospective staff is able to upload their CV and do a full job application online.
  • Further, for internal openings, since all staff records are already part of the system filling positions becomes easy and fair. Key Performance indicators help ​to assess existing staff and make fair decisions for promotions, demotions and filling of new job openings.
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 Secure Document Management

  • The document management feature allows documents to be attached to any employee, client, job and many other items. No more going through file cabinets to locate client contracts, proposals, receipts, employee photos, hiring contracts, etc, etc. Any type of document can be attached.
  • Categorize and track revisions over the life span of your documents. Have peace of mind knowing exactly when and who is responsible for modifying each document.
  • All documents are stored using the fine-grained permission system built into TimeDNA. Only ​authorised persons can either view, edit or delete documents. Documents can also be created as "private" in which case only the creator of the document has access to it.
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 Job Costing

  • With TimeDNA's Job Costing abilities you are able to immediately identify ​labour costs generated. This can be costs by projects or costs per employee or even by branch or department. It can drill down to any task or even to quantities produced vs costs.
  • Understanding productivity and profitability on a project-by-project basis, and to be able to use that knowledge to directly affect the revenue of your company is vital in ​today's competitive markets.
  • The deep data analysis capabilities of TimeDNA are only possible because of the tightly integrated nature of the system. Remember, the system has access to the raw time and attendance data plus having this data linked to project/contracts plus access to pay rates of the staff working these projects/contracts. Only because of this the system can come up with costing analysis that would otherwise be impossible or incredibly difficult to calculate and with ​unprecedented accuracy.
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 Quotes and Invoicing

  • Whether you invoice customers based on employee time, it could not get simpler than with TimeDNA!
  • TimeDNA can can generate quotes, packing slips, invoices and much more for an unlimited number of customers in just a few clicks.
  • You can keep track of clients' outstanding balances and their account history, setup recurring payment options, ship orders and maintain inventory.
  • Shipping ​costs can be calculated and added as line items automatically to invoices.
  • Pricing of items can be fixed, bracket and progressive.
  • All invoicing can be done in ​multiple currencies.
  • Multiple forms of electronic online payments with a number of payment processors are build into TimeDNA. We can even build custom integrations on request.
  • Easily generate and print or just email electronic invoices, overdue notices and account statements to your clients.
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 Inventory & Stock Management

  • Going hand in hand with quotes and invoicing, products and services are a number one citizen in TimeDNA. Since invoices and shipping is handled by the system, inventory control is just a click away. The system knows how many more products are in stock and when it's time to reorder.
  • Setup is easy, just start invoicing and shipping with TimeDNA. Then enter parts and products with current stock count and the system takes care of the rest.
  • In summary: there is really not much that TimeDNA can't do for you. If there is something we can't do yet, reach out to us and we are happy to oblige!
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No Installs - No Updates - No Fuss!

All our services are hosted on our own in-house secure servers in Switzerland. You will find no cloud and it's ​associated risks with us. For your company that means: No installs, no updates, no maintenance and no fuss. All with the security, privacy and confidence that come with private servers built on dedicated networks and owned hardware.

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TimeDNA is excited to announce our latest partnership with Kanso FM. The Executive Team have over 50 years experience, in the FM space and their mission is to facilitate and harmonise people and technology into a seamless cleaning service, through ethical, sustainable, innovative approaches, to meet and exceed, their clients requirements. Kanso FM are the perfect type of client for us. All of our functionality and knowledge will be utilised to support Kanso FM to continue to enjoy substantial growth into 2023, and be as innovative and efficient as possible.

Great to have you on board! 

Find out more on their website https://www.kansofm.com

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  • We partnered with trusted UK based company, uComply, to offer simplified onboarding ID compliance to our customers.
  • uComply’s product range is designed to help simplify the ID challenges faced when recruiting staff.
  • They provide a comprehensive set of specialist solutions for recruitment ID Authentication which is a simple, fully integrated onboarding process you can trust.
  • uIDentify provides companies with a pass or fail notification for candidates from Ireland and the UK to facilitate remote recruitment as part of the Right it Work guidance.
  • uAuthenticate supports Right to Work procedures that are compliant with Home Office guidance.
  • uTrain provides training that supports effective onboarding and verification procedures.
  • Their solutions have been assessed by Sitemark who benchmark products against best practice in the FM sector.
  • Each of their products has been brought to market over many years to help manage challenges identified by clients and their extensive research around recruitment best practice.

Find out more on their website https://www.ucomply.co.uk

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